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We Changed The Game

“We Changed the Game” is a new book, available now, written by original Indiana Pacer Bob Netolicky, ABC Sports reporter Robin Miller, and original ABA & Indiana Pacers founder and ABA legal counsel, Richard Tinkham. It will tell the REAL STORIES — not some fourth- or fifth-hand tales — of how a small group of dreamers, along with some amazing and unbelievable situations, changed not only the face of a city but the game of professional basketball forever.

Proving without a doubt that fact is much more incredible than fiction, the inside accounts of the ABA Pacers’ beginnings will captivate basketball fans. In 1970, Tinkham was the head of the ABA-NBA merger committee. The never-before-heard stories surrounding the merger, the anti-trust lawsuits, and the wild negotiations between the two leagues could only be told by someone that was there!

If you are a true fan of Pro-Basketball  history, this book will be like finding the Dead Sea Scrolls!